Ànima Negra Wines

Ànima Negra was created out of the blue to make the most of some large milk tanks owned by one of the members, and with the original intention of making wine for private consumption. At that time, we did not have our own vineyard, and the indigenous grape variety of Callet we wanted was not appreciated enough to be grown by many local winemakers, so our only option was to buy our grapes.

The first year we produced two barrels of wine. Over the next two years we continued with our apprenticeship and slowly learnt how to make good wine from this particular varietal. Callet has been historically used to produce young wine with little structure, and this was not a path we wanted to follow.

The year 1997 saw the construction of cement fermentation tanks based on the proportions of the original milk tanks, marking the start of the transformation of the old dairy farm into a new bodega. In the same year we also began our search for old callet vineyards, and also for fogoneu and mantonegro vines that were growing in suitable soil.

We currently rent or manage the vineyards we discovered, which are all located in the area of Felanitx; also the home of our bodega. Our collection of well-established vineyards is made up of 150 small plots situated within a 10km radius of the bodega, with the exception of five vineyards located on the east of the island.

Until the year 2000 the wines created in the bodega were a blend of callet, fogoneu and mantonegro with a little cabernet sauvignon. From then on, our ÀN and ÀN Son Negre wines have been made with indigenous grapes . mainly callet . and ÀN/2 continues to be a blended wine.

In 2002 the conversion of the farm was completed, resulting in a unique bodega with the capacity to deal with the all of the grapes from our much-cared-for accumulation of vineyards.