Bodegas Pagos de Mogar

BODEGAS PAGOS DE MOGAR is a family owned winery placed in the D.O. Ribera del Duero, with a total production of 75.000 bottles/year. Due to our small size our wines MOGAR ROBLE and MOGAR VENDIMIA SELECCIONADA are elaborated as carefully as the big wineries only can do with their top wines. Our wines are single-varietal, elaborated with 100% of grapes “Tinta del Pais”. This variety, the local adaptation of “Tempranillo”, has demonstrated in this region its great potential for the elaboration of wines for long aging. The harvest is done in 15 kg plastic crates and all the grapes are carefully examined in a sorting table. During alcoholic fermentation, pumping over and punching down are performed daily by hand all over the process. The maceration periods use to be longer than 20 days. Our winery is young, but our wines have already received many international awards, as can be checked in our web site.

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