Montebaco, an island in the Ribera

To make the highest quality Crianza wines has always been our vocation at Bodega Montebao. One of the reasons for this quality is the unique nature of the vineyard site Monte Alto (beetween Valbuena and Pesquera de Duero) in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.The estate enjoys a uniquely favoured situation 5 kilometres away from the Duero River and in the Jaramiel stream. It is situated at a height between 800 and 850 metres, which provides the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the wines, which cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

The climate, the soil, the grape variety and the impassioned attention of the hand of man

The variations in the rather severe continental climate along with a gravelly clay soil as well as the geoclimatic perfection of the site where the winery is situated make this vineyards a unique place. That is why at Montebaco we are very concerned about this microclimate and watch over it the best possible way. No chemical products, which can break the balance between soil and plants, are used at montebaco, on the other hand the Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) Variety clones are chosen by our technicians from old vineyards, from the same region, avoiding the standarization of the wine and also the genetic erosion.


Extremely careful selection of the grape and a natural, simple method are de basis of our wine making process. Each and every single step from the harvest to the bottling is constantly watched over so that the wine cannot suffer even the slightest decline in quality. In order to get the highest quality the winery has been equipped with all the latest technological systems in the service of the most traditional fermentation skills.

The crianza

A very essential stage in the life of wine is the Crianza, which takes place in oak barrels. Thanks to this the characteristics of the vintage it comes from are preserved forever. That is the reason why for the ageing of our wines we always select each and every single oak barrel from the best coopers. Our whole production ages in 225 L. oak barrels for a period of time which is given by the ageing capacity of each vintage and the specific needs of each wine. After ageing in our wine cellars and after bottling the wine is ready to be released and to develop its personality over a period of time.