“History is useful, not so much from the point of view of what we learn about the past but because it allows us to read about the future.”
(J.B. Say)

This bodega has proudly crated a history and legacy in the art of creating wines. Don Joaquin Garralda Oñate, Marques of Reinosa was a key figure of the development of Rioja during a time of crucial periods: The second half of the 19th century, when France was afflicted by the Phylloxera plages and French master winemakers settled in this region. The resulting exchange of culture, know how and winemaking techniques left its mark on the history of Rioja and a small group of outstanding Riojans, among whom was Don Joaquin Garralda Oñate Marques of Reiñosa. He established his bodega in Autol and past on his expertise in winemaking, transforming tis bodega into the faithful repository of the inherited traditions of today.

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